Why Choose LM Commercial Drying?

Structural drying prevention and urgency solutions have never been easier.

LM’s team is dedicated to providing solutions based on a partner mentality. When you work with our Solutionists a level of trust and commitment to your best interests is always present.

Canada's Top Structural Drying Experts at Your Service


The first step is connecting with you and your team to ensure we understand your situation and needs.


The second step is to inspect the site for a clear assessment of the technology and solutionists required.


Based on the defined situation and requirements we will come to an agreement to proceed with the solution.


Our Solutionists and technology are activated for prevention, maintenance and urgent situations.

Who do we serve?

We are NOT a restoration company. You could say that we “Dry the way” for property restoration companies to do their work. We are here to serve as a focused and expert team who specializes in structural drying solutions.

If you are a property restoration company or property owner, manager, operator or developer you have come to the perfect place for structural drying solutions. LM is here for you when water strikes and you need help immediately in getting it removed and dried quickly.

Do you have an emergency?

If YES please call 1.800.350.0379 right now so we can help.

Thank you for visiting our website, for your valuable time and consideration.

Cooling Equipment and Solutions

LM Commercial Drying Inc. “The Partner That Fits” for structural drying solutions. We have the equipment, expertise and resources to handle all aspects of your structural drying needs whether you are a property restoration company, property manager or developer.

Why would you want to use LM Commercial Drying?

Do you want to know more about contingency planning for your property?